Get A Little Crazy With Trending Teen Fashions

Trending Teen FashionsAre they still reinventing the Mohawk these days because that hairstyle really needs to go! And, it’s amazing how long skating shoes are going to stay ‘in style,’ but I can tell you that I’m a fan for sure. I actually wore the same style of skating shoes for years because they were just so comfortable, and there is something stylish about those extra puffy shoes.

Now for teen girls, let’s talk about hair. One thing that teens are doing quite a bit of is mixing about 50 different shades of hair. In all seriousness, mixing shades of hair in layers is definitely a trend, and so are the braids as a crown and braids in general. You can mess around with braids and do all different kinds of styles.

Scarves are popular again, and so are head wraps or scarves. Vintage clothing is also back in, and you want to pay attention to the colors you select. Even during winter, bland colors aren’t popular for teens. You don’t have to look like a neon lit sign at a bar, but you do want to stand out, even if it’s just one item like your shoes when it comes to color.

Not that the Apple watch is extremely popular, but you might want to start taking a look at watches once again. And you want to see if you can find a few favorite necklaces to wear once in awhile. One more thing is rings. Guys are even wearing more rings these days, and we’re not talking your class rings. We’re talking promise rings and all other kinds of different rings that really look nice. Look at what others around you are doing, and then ask yourself how you can make it your own.


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