Little Fashion Tricks For Women To Use & Share

Little Fashion Tricks For WomenNot ever fashion tip out there is going to apply to every woman, but it’s fun looking up all different types of fashion tips. You can find anything from the latest style of jeans to a trick to help you get a stain out of your clothing. You might want to check out these women’s fashion tricks, and if you can make use of them, share them with your friends.

How about trying this tip on for size and making your t-shirts all soft and fluffy? You can use salt to make a soaking solution with water. You do need to give up the t-shirt for three days, but you can rotate doing this with all of your t-shirts. They will have this extra smooth and soft feel to them, and that’s why you’ll want to do it to all of them. Learn more about the latest styles for women at

Have you ever been out and about somewhere, and then all the sudden it starts raining? Or worse yet, you wait until after it stops raining, and then you are going along and run right into a puddle. Your shoes have to dry out quickly because they are drenched; otherwise, you’ll have to wash them and dry them, which isn’t good for shoes, especially certain types of shoes. So, what you can do, however, is you can use beeswax to help you make your shoes waterproof!

This next one is going to make you think you’ve heard it all now. You can use regular hairspray to help you prevent your pantyhose from getting any runs. If you haven’t heard that before, then there you go. Perhaps you’ve heard about how to deal with runs, but now simply spraying on the hairspray can help you not have to deal with them.


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